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All embroidery and printing is peformed by our profession team in house. We do everything ourselves to ensure only the best quality items are supplied to our great teams and customers.


personalise online.

99kits is a digital first business. Our core mission is to provide our users with a frictionless way to select, personalise and purchase kit through our website. Whilst we also manufacture top-quality kit with our satisfaction guarantee, we’re clear that getting great looking kit is about allowing our users to easily apply great design to great kits.

Our website allows you to choose the kit you want and then easily select the personalization features you want to add to it. Once you have selected your team wear and personalization choices you can check out and pay for the winning kit you have created.

As soon as we receive your order, one of our design team will get to work. We’ll check all of the order details and ensure all of your selections work together on the kit. We’ll also get in touch to request artwork and step you through what you need to supply to us and how we can help.

Finally we’ll create a design proof that we’ll send to you to ensure you love the new kit you have selected and personalized. If you need advice and further assistance on how to personalise your kit to ensure it looks amazing, we offer a free design consultation service.

great finishes.

We provide a choice of quality embroidered and vinyl finishes to ensure you create a winning kit.


Embroidered finishes provide a high quality, professional look for any kit. The finish is very durable and is excellent for club badges/logos as you can produce them with a high level of detail and in a wide range of colours.

An Embroidered finish can be used on almost all of our range – shirts, shorts, training wear, casual wear, tracksuits and Jackets – although it’s not always suitable for application on thin materials such as basic rain jackets.

To ensure you get the best quality finish for your embroidered kit you need to supply us with artwork that meets our specification. We then get this digitized to produce the stitching instructions for the sewing process. There is a small set-up cost if you’re supplying us with your image for the first time.

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Bring your own (BYO).

We provide embroidery services to items you supply yourself in addition to those you can purchase from us. Get in contact to discuss and for a quote.

End to end service.

We can supply, design and embroider garments based on your requirements. Check out our masssive selection of products – all of which can be embroidered.

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Vinyl Transfer.

Vinyl allows you to create and add sharp printed images to your kit. The vinyl is applied to the kit using a heat press, which adheres the vinyl to the garment. The finish is excellent for sponsors’ logos and personalization features such as names, numbers and initials.

A Vinyl finish can be used on almost all of our range – shirts, shorts, training wear, casual wear, tracksuits and Jackets. Vinyl also comes in a number of different finished, such a matt, gloss and flock.

We have a selection of professional designed names and numbers that you can choose for your kit. For sponsors’ logos, to ensure you get the best quality finish for your kit you need to supply us with artwork that meets our specification. There is no set-up cost for vinyl finishes.

To ensure you preserve the quality of the vinyl finish on your kit for as long as possible there are some care/washing recommendations that should be followed. Although modern vinyl is durable and can be washed at 40 degrees using all popular washing products.

Our online personalization allows you to select and add embroidered badges to your kit in a variety of positions.

Cup Letters and Numbers

amazing features.

Choose from our great selection of professionally designed letters and numbers.

Use these to personalise your kits – using squad numbers, player initials and player names.

You’re sure to find something that matches the identity and look that you want on your kits.

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Artwork specification.

In order for your artwork to look it’s best on your kit, the files you send us need to meet some minimum requirements – set out below.

We’re here to help. If you’re unsure whether the artwork you hold meets these requirements, simply get in touch and we can help you figure out what you’ve got.

We also know that artwork for logos and badges gets passed around and those who created it or hold the original version of the file come and go and you’re often unable to get hold of it. That’s not a problem. For a charge of £17.50 we can recreate/redraw your artwork excactly to the correct specification and also supply a copy of the image back to you to keep.

For sponsor logos we need artwork that meets the following specifications:

— Vectored artwork in one of the following formats —


Original vectored artwork saved as a PDF.



Vectored artwork created in Adobe Illustrator.

Here’s a quick video that explains why we need Vector graphics, and what they are.



Vectored artwork saved as an Encapsulated Postscript file.

 If you’re unsure whether your artwork meets this specification, please just ask. We’re here to help.